And so the most (over?)hyped show this season comes to a close. Rather well, might I add. Even though I already knew exactly what was going to happen, having read the novels (many thanks to those translating them!), I thought the episode was done pretty well.


I’m not going to do a summary, since I think they’re typically pretty useless and you’ve probably already seen the episode, but here’s some food for thought:

  • Why exactly did Haruhi end up returning the two to the existing world? Did she do it because she <3s Kyon and wants whatever made him happy, or did Kyon successfully convince her that the “real” world was more “interesting” than she thought it was?
  • I wonder whether they actually returned to their old universe or Haruhi simply recreated to be exactly the same. I guess it’s the same outcome either way, though.

In the end, I thought that this was a solid series, though I’m still unsure how good it was for them to mess with the chronology; as I said before, I think it would probably have been better if shown in chronological order (with the possible exception of leading with Mikuru no Bouken). I hope they do more with it in the future, since there’s plenty of content from the novels to work with and there’s certainly no shortage of franchise fans now.

P.S. Does anyone else recognize the song that was playing during the episode climax? It sounds awfully familiar, but I can’t quite put a finger on it.


“Oh good, Belldandy’s Mikuru’s busy making me some tea.”

“Oh crap…”


“Damn, the fireworks started already?”

This screen looks like it’s right out of an eroge.

I’m with Kyon, the ponytail is hawt.