A friend of mine was really bored one day and decided to decide where various characters from Haruhi and My-HiME would fall into the Magic: The Gathering “color pie.” I decided that this would make an amusing little game (as well as an excuse to make some neat Photoshop stuff).

In case you don’t play Magic or know much about the color pie, here’s a series of articles by the game’s head designer that contain just about everything you need to know what I’m talking about: an article on each of the five colors found in the game – white, blue, black, red, and green.

Characters from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

Haruhi – Most definitely red. She does what she wants, when she wants to. To Quote MaRo: “To red, life is the ultimate adventure. Red feels that living life to its fullest means taking advantage of every opportunity. Red acts on its gut and follows its heart.” Haruhi fits that description perfectly.

Mikuru – She would probably be blue-white. Being a time traveler, she needs to be at least partially blue. Since she’s so pure, innocent, honest, etc., I’d consider her to fall under the white section of the color pie as well.

Yuki – This is an easy one; she’s definitely straight-up blue.

Koizumi – Also easily straight-up blue.

Characters from My-HiME or My-Otome: It’d take forever to go through all of the major characters in these shows, so I’ll just go through a few of the ones. I found interesting.

Mai – Most likely red, with a hint of white; she’s mostly emotion-driven, but also has white’s selflessness, loyalty, and other such qualities.

Nagi – I’d say a mixture of blue and black; where the black part comes from should be obvious, but he also has a thing for well-laid plans and subtle trickery, which are “blue” qualities.

Nao – She’s a bit hard to place, but she seems to fall more under black than anything else. (Keep in mind that black doesn’t necessary mean evil.)

I guess that’s enough on specific characters from me. Many character types are pretty easy to categorize; tsunderekko are generally going to have red’s qualities, the super-intelligent megane will generally fall under blue, bad guys often under black, and so forth.

(Okay, so this post proves that I am a massive geek. What can I say? ^_^ )