Weeee more crossover silliness.

So, I’ve thought of some more stuff since last time. First off, though, is for more stuff for you to read if you aren’t familiar with the game, just in case you’re curious or I mention them here and there. There are ten of them: Selesnya, Golgari, Dimir, Boros, Gruul, Izzet, Orzhov, Simic, Azorius, and Rakdos. (The last two lack links because articles on them haven’t been written yet.)

Shinji Ikari from Evangelion – I really don’t know where to put this kid. Probably red, considering how emotional he is, but even there I’m not sure.

Alucard of Hellsing – He’d probably fall mostly under black, being a vampire and all. However, is actions and loyalties show that he could possibly be also partially white, and most likely fit in the Orzhov ideology. If he were a card, he’d have 0: Regenerate ^_^

Suigintou – Straight up black, though perhaps growing white tendencies towards the end of the second season. (Wow, that sentence is sooo not PC out-of-context.)

Belldandy – Well, white, obviously, but she can arguably be green (nature lover) and red (destructive jealousy bursts). Of course, if she was a card, she would probably be ridiculously powerful, but you’d be unable to summon her unless you are Keiichi Morisato.

Yomiko Readman – Considering her reading habit, she’d probably be blue. The issue here is whether or not she reads due to a pursuit of knowledge or just because of her affinity with paper.

Okay, so going through characters and seeing where they fall is getting a little repetitive, so here’s a big list of stuff working in the other direction…

White: Lacus Clyne (Gundam, CE universe), Saber (Fate/Stay Night), Celestin (AMG), just about all of Soul Society (Bleach), the Otome (My-Otome). Basically, all of your morality-driven people who generally like rules/laws and following them. Even antagonists often fall into this category, esp. if they honestly believe what they are doing is for the greater good (for example, Patrick Zala, also from Gundam SEED).

Blue: Er, I’m having a hard time coming up with specifics, but basically most scientist-types, engineers, psychics, and other characters defined by their knowledge/intelligence or pursuit thereof.

Black: Basically, your characters who are evil, and know it – those who are driven for selfish purposes, rather than acting on personal moral beliefs. Many, many villains fall into this category, and it should require little explanation. However, it’s not strictly limited to “bad guys” – Alucard (Hellsing) and Harry MacDowell (Gungrave), for instance, have generally “black” motivations, but are not purely evil characters.

Red: Pretty much every tsundere, and a whole slew of supporting/minor characters who just seem to love wanton destruction. Most of your really emotional characters would probably fall here too. Many main characters probably display at least some extent of “redness.”

Green: Your tree huggers and animals, pretty much. Catgirls and other human-animal hybrids would be in this category, too. I can’t think of any specifically right now, but these shouldn’t be particularly difficult to point out.

And, well, I guess that wraps up this little mental exercise. :)