As many of you are most likely aware, fan art is a significant part of anime fandom culture. Many of us use silly, parodical, or otherwise amusing pictures from danbooru in our blog entries. Image boards like 4chan and danbooru are immensely popular (though their popularity seems to come largely from the huge amounts of erotic content).

I like danbooru because there I can find otherwise hard-to-find stuff like Final Fantasy Tactics fan art.

When you look at it, fan-made art is actually a pretty diverse thing. There’s all the stuff people draw by hand, whether it be doujinshi or just random images. There’s also a lot of digitally created art – CGs, vectors, desktop wallpapers, and even just simple cut-and-paste humor.

If you’re into anime art or are interested in getting into it, here are some websites I recommend.

4chan: This should need no introduction, really. It’s an image board. Its biggest significance, other than (and perhaps due to) its sheer size, is that it’s the source of several internet memes.

danbooru: Another image board. I like it more than 4chan because of the tag system, which allow things like searches and filtering.

minitokyo: This one is more of an art community; the vast majority of its content conists of scans and desktop wallpapers. Its forums are pretty bad, so I’d advise you to stay away from those. I highly recommend the rest of the site, especially if you have an interest in getting into anime-related digital art.

AnimePaper: This is the place to go if you’re looking for anime-related digital art. It doesn’t even begin to approach the huge number of images on minitokyo, but the quality of what you’ll find is generally better. It’s also a lot easier to navigate than minitokyo.

A note on minitokyo and animepaper: to minimize the amount of “leeching,” both MT and AP have a “point” system; in addition to signing up for a membership, these points are generally required to download things past a certain point. Points are earned by doing just about anything on the sites; you get the most from submitting scans/wallpapers, but you also get some for posting on the forums and stuff. If you don’t have any points, MT gives you five “free” downloads of any sort per day, and AP lets you download up to twelve or so wallpapers per day.