Yeah, school started and so I’ve kinda put this thing off for a little bit. Also, I’ve mostly grown bored of everything airing at the moment other than Honey & Clover 2, Ouran and possibly Coyote. Random stuff that I want to say:

1) As I said in the title, Xenosaga 3 was awesome. I beat it in 40 hours spread over four days. I must say I was thoroughly impressed, despite some issues with story continuity and censorship. I may or may not write a more detailed post on this in the near future.

2) Ouran is still going strong, maintaining my interest week after week with its amusing slice-of-life charm. This is somewhat unusual for me, as slice-of-life shows have historically not been my cup of tea. Same with H&C2. Everything else has pretty much bored me, though I’ll probably check back up on Coyote Ragtime, School Rumble 2, and Zero no Tsukaima down the road.

3) Why is nobody subbing Chevalier? I’m really looking forward to watching more of it, but I’m not quite awesome enough to understand Japanese.

4) If any of you few who actually read me have a Xenosaga 3 artbook or scans from it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send some to me, as I would like to make a desktop wallpaper featuring KOS-MOS from that game. None of the scans on MT/AP have been satisfactory to me.