As far as what I am up to… school, mostly.  Fear not, though, for I have not completely disappeared!  Anyway, these are the shows I am watching right now, and some of my thoughts on them.


WILL HARUHISM NEVER DIE?! Not that it’s bad or anything.

Black Lagoon: So far, I think it’s at least as good as the first season (or half-season, depending on how you count). I really like the “gritty” feel of this show; the characters and setting do an excellent job of getting the “low-life crime town” impression across, with Rock acting as a counterbalance/outside view of it all. Needless to say, the action scenes are quite fun to watch as well.

I’m actually rather surprised that this show is not the subject of more discussion; everyone who’s watched/is watching it seems to love it, but it isn’t talked about a whole lot in forums, IRC channels, and the like.  I guess it isn’t really the most “discussion-friendly” show, but I remember there being much more discussion on similar shows in the past (like Samurai Champloo).

<3 Tsunde-Revy.

Code Geass: Non-bad mecha shows are always appreciated, but this show is unique in that the main character’s “special power” isn’t directly related to battling in and/or against giant robots. As expected of any work in which Sunrise is involved, the character designs are generally attractive, and there is no lack of fanservice to go along with it.

It’s also neat how, while such a character is present, the main character is not the mostly benevolent, “goody two-shoes” type.  The main character is closer to the ruthless, “use everyone for my own benefit” type character (think FFT’s Delita), an interesting deviation from the typical “nice guy,” “badass guy,” “angsty guy,” or some combination of these.

Leave it to fandom to come up with (NSFW) the most “clever” uses for the geass (NSFW). Also, what’s with all the Pizza Hut plugging? I don’t think C.C. will continue looking so good with an all-Pizza Hut diet.

Pumpkin Scissors: Not really much to say about this one. I kind of wish there was more of an overarching plot connecting each episode, though I’m sure this will eventually happen. As long as this doesn’t take a rapid downward turn towards the end, as GONZO shows demonstrate a tendency to do, this should turn out to be pretty good.