(Since my computer is not cooperating and crashing media players when seeking, this time you’re spared the screenshots and captions containing bad jokes.)

It’s possible that this is due to me not really being “into” lolis, but nothing about this episode really caught my attention. For the most part, the premise seems fairly ordinary – the life of a student (in this case, a girl named Manabi) who’s just transferred into a new school. Apparently Japan in the relatively near future will have flying scooter technology; early in the episode, Manabi utilizes one to get herself and a friend to school more quickly, since they are running late. She enthusiastically volunteers to participate in a swimming event, only to not have any idea what she is doing and embarass herself. The following day at the student council meeting, after another sudden late appearance and singing a song, she gets elected as the student council president (increasing the student council’s population to… two.)

The most interesting part about this show is the setting. It seems to take place in Japan sometime in the relatively near future, perhaps thirty to fifty years from now. From what I’ve gathered while watching the episode, this version of “future Japan” has been heavily affected by a low birth rate (which, in reality, actually is a pretty major issue for the country right now); as a result, school populations across the board are extremely low. The few who do attend are generally not enthusiastic about school, presumably due to having larger amounts of real-life responsibilites than today’s children as a result of the state of their society.

If the show deals with the potential realities of this possible future of Japan enough, it might prove to be worthwhile to watch. Otherwise, I’m probably not going to stick with this for more than another episode or two at most, as it’s very unlikely that this will be as enjoyable a “feel-good slice-of-life” show as Nodame Cantabile.