Chiaki makes his first attempt at conducting, but it ends up disastrous; various members of the orchestra make numerous mistakes (and continue to make them after Chiaki points them out), and a couple people even try to pull a prank. After Chiaki drops his baton and stops out of frustration, Stresemann steps in to conduct himself and finally demonstrates his abilities as a “maestro,” finally managing to pull the orchestra together and make everyone play well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Chiaki seems to be beginning to understand that, to be a good conductor, he needs to not only love the music but also love the players as Stresemann demonstrated.  And, despite the fairly serious nature of much of the episode, it still managed to be amusing pretty often, from Stresemann’s shenanigans with Nodame to Chiaki’s reaction to the various actions and mistakes of the orchestra. Chiaki said that the events of this episode made his life pull a 180; perhaps this is a signal that the show is going to start having more heavy drama? Whatever the case might be, I look forward to it.