This was an exciting and eventful episode – possibly too eventful, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless.

– Lelouch seems to have decided that he needs a protector for Nunally, so that he can distance himself from her for her safety as he did with Shirley. He originally wanted Suzaku to play this role, but obviously this plan isn’t going to work out very well since he now knows Suzaku’s identity as the pilot of the Lancelot.

– Suzaku is chosen as Euphemia’s knight. It was pretty easy to see that Suzaku x Euphemia was coming, and this I suppose is as good a way to stick them together as any. I’m not sure whether it’s a good or a bad thing that she made the entire “knight” decision in a single episode, but I guess it would’ve been pointless to drag the selection process out with such an obvious outcome.

– Zero and his organization rescue Toudou, and Zero convinces Toudou to fight for him in order to take responsibility for giving hope to the Japanese still resisting Brittanian rule.

– Shirley spots a crumpled piece of paper in a dark space between two of her desks… I guess the writers really aren’t going to be getting writing her off.

– The episode ends with Lelouch laughing maniacally. It will be interesting to see what inspired this, if it’s anything other than emotional insanity.