So, yeah, for the small handful of you who actually read me, I apologize for fading out of existence for a bit. I was highly occupied first by a big MTG event, and then becoming swamped with a very large amount of schoolwork. Things have settled down a bit now, so this thing should be flowing again.

Random notes:

– The only ongoing shows I’m still watching right now are still Code Geass and Nodame Cantabile; fansubbing for Tokyo Majin and Deltora Quest seem to have fallen apart, though it doesn’t really seem like there’s much to miss there.

– At some point over the past few weeks, I managed to watch the Nodame drama, and must say I was thoroughly impressed.

– Code Geass 22 was amazing. Not only did Sunrise pull off a “good WTF” instead of a “lame/bad WTF” for once, but they even began the end-of-season falling action with four episodes until the end instead of just one!