I’ve noticed a fair amount of excitement about this show, and after watching the first episode, it seems to deserve it. It has a really dark and gritty feel to it, reminiscent of previous MADHOUSE series like Gungrave and Black Lagoon, which works very well considering how its story looks. Clare is an interesting character who obviously has at least a few secrets. The action scenes were pretty well-animated, though a bit brief and with a good dose of excessive blood spurt syndrome. Judging from the OP, it seems like Raki is going to end up becoming a Claymore too, since apparently the Claymores aren’t born half-demon (one of the monsters mentioned that they were all once human). I’m definitely going to continue watching this and most likey be among the large number of people who will blog it.

It’s apparently based on a manga, and I will strongly consider reading it in the near future if any scanslations exist.

The silver eyes are eerily attractive.