I have infinite schoolwork, so I don’t have time to write full posts on all of these things…

Hayate no Gotoku: This has various funny jokes, so I’ll probably keep watching it. Probably won’t mention it ever again unless there’s something really stands out.

El Cazador: Even though I knew this wasn’t going to be anything groundbreaking or unique, but since I enjoyed Noir and Madlax, I figured I’d enjoy this too. After two episodes, this just seems really dull; all it really has going for it is another cool Kajiura Yuki soundtrack. Otherwise, it’s pretty boring, and not even the action scenes are any good. Yawn.

Magical Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 02: This episode was much a lot better than the first episode to me. It was very well-balanced between the old cast (sans Yuuno and Arf) and the new ones. This series has big shoes to fill considering how good A’s was, and so far it’s been at the very least acceptably good.

sagubooru: I know a lot of you are eager for them to come back up ^_^ The new site design is making rapid progress, and if you can find a little time to spare, I encourage all of you to head over there, check things out, and leave some feedback.