This show pretty well illustrates how different the pace can be when you have two cours to portray your storyline instead of just one; because there are more episodes available, the tendency is to drag things out a little more, and each individual episode will tend to have relatively less as far as character development and plot advancement.

This episode was certainly on the slow side. The Sixth Mobile Division is now fully established, the new group of characters receive more training from Nanoha, and some information concerning what will be the big “problem” in the storyline is revealed. It’s kind of disappointing that it’s going to once again be an issue with a person or persons misusing Lost Logia to potentially cause widespread multidimensional destruction, though admittedly repeating that thread worked out fine in A’s. I still remain hopeful that this show will be overall well-executed, though it doesn’t look like it’s going to be quite as intense as A’s. We’ll see.

Stop fantasizing. Perverts.

Tell me this isn’t the most awesome thing ever.