There was some much-needed development of the characters this time, painting a picture of the main characters’ day-to-day interactions with each other and defining their identities better (they even have cool nicknames like “Ribbon” and “Sunshine Forehead” now). I’m enjoying this show and am glad it’s managed to stay strong so far despite not really having much in the originality department. It doesn’t show many signs of being as good as My HiME yet, but it’s proving fun to watch anyway

Chances seem high that Imber is possessed by the soul of someone somehow connected to Haruka. The whole “mecha with feelings” thing never really does much for me whenever it’s attempted (except when it’s, say, Gurren-Lagann); this is no exception, but at least it isn’t excessively cheesy or anything.

OMG I want a pyramid-shaped juice box 

Watch out, Starlight Breaker ex, you have some competition.