Well, this episode was certainly named correctly – “Development.” More training of the new characters went on, but at the same time more of the current situation was revealed too. Subaru’s older sister will now get to work with Fate, much to her delight, and we got a little background on the mad scientist guy (mostly finding out that he seems to be your typical mad scientist). Having Vita more involved in the episode is pleasing, as a sign that they aren’t going to just be dumping the old cast. Bringing back Jewel Seeds come back is a nice touch too; apparently they’ve been demoted from apocalyptic weapons of mass destruction to power sources for robots.

So, about the empty “V” tank in Dr. Scaglietti’s lab: who is it? Judging from the ages of the girls in the other tanks, Fate seems likely, though I guess it could also be that pink-haired girl we saw outside of the OP for the first time in this episode.. It likely has something to do with the Project F thing mentioned at the end of episode five.

Judging from the preview, Signum sees some battle time in the next episode. Yay.