This show finally kicked things into high gear. It was awesome. While the episode started off with more daily life stuff…

No comment.

…along with some more of the whole “The robots are just tools!” “NO, THEY HAVE HEARTS TOO!” thing, it soon accelerated into a more fast-paced sequence of events with a high level of excitement and urgency. It’s about time, really, but now that relevant events are actually happening I am more confident that this show will turn out to be worthwhile.

It’s cool how they didn’t randomly make Haruka able to beat the obviously more serious and experienced Chihaya in battle; it made the episode seem a lot more genuinely intense. It does seem like Haruka is now bound for a miraculous survival–par for the course in a Sunrise show, to be sure.

I really would like to find out the motives of the organization of which Chihaya is a part sometime soon. Also, the “bathtub hacking” think was certainly… unique. I can’t wait for them to try and explain that one.

P.S. Nitpick the details time

While in space, the sweat drops are floating around as they should be…


…but in this scene, after she lands on Earth, they’re still floating. Oh well, at least this is better than the spontaneous bursts of momentum often utilized by people in the CE Gundam shows to move around inside ships while in space.