After a series of mediocre episodes followed by a half-recap, this show has recovered and once again demonstrated its potential for COMPLETE AND UTTER AWESOMENESS.


As far as “real” plot development, there’s actually a number of things at work. We now know that there are four generals from the Capitol, so we can expect the party to eventually have to do battle with three other enemies that are at least at the same level as the Daiganzan (which looks a lot like the giant battleship that appeared at the beginning of the series). Kamina also seems to have inspired the formation of a semi-organized human resistance to the Beastmen. It is also revealed how things actually work: Gurren-Lagann’s power comes from the Lagann taking over the systems of the Gurren, and now they plan to use the Lagann to take over the Daiganzan.

Oh man, this means that down the road there might be some giant Ganmen battles on an epic scale.  

Even though this show is still largely on the childish side in pretty much every way, I still thoroughly enjoy it. GAINAX hasn’t lost its touch after all.