It appears that this Sunrise team does still in fact know how to make a depressing (as in actually depressing, not depressingly bad) episode. This definitely pulled that off quite well – everything from the gloomy music, somber voice acting, and more gray animation was used well to give the desired impression to the viewer.

The biggest piece of background information given in this episode is the name of what looks like it’s the “bad guys” organization: “Triabeater.” A quick Google search reveals…


I still find the whole “relationship with the giant robot” thing pretty awkward, though.  It’s somewhat interesting in that Imber is being characterized without any dialogue, but at the same time it’s strange; it’s the first show in recent memory defined by the relationship between a people and non-human object (I can’t even think of another off the top of my head other than Pokemon).

I sense some hostility here.