Am I the only one who got to this part and expected him to say, “Unfamiliar ceiling…” ?

Another fairly decent episode. Not unexpectedly, it started off in a gloomy mood: the characters all spoke somberly, the weather was rainy and foggy, and the animation in general was very dark and everyone had notably sad expressions– Simon’s eyes in particular stuck out to me. It definitely succeeded in establishing the desired mood (my eleven-year-old sister watches the show with me and she started crying several minutes into the episode).

And then, in sharp contrast to all of the melancholy, we are introduced to Nia, Gainax’s version of Lacus Clyne.

The three remaining generals don’t seem to be as dark and evil characters as I had hoped/expected, though I suppose time will tell.

Considering everything else this series has shown us, this doesn’t seem as ridiculous as it probably would in another context.