Not unexpectedly, Nia shows a fair amount of personal strength in spite of her severe naivete even while in the claws of the enemy (literally). Somehow, they’ve managed to make her a somewhat interesting character despite the innocent, naive princess trying to convince everyone to stop fighting think having been done numerous times in the past. The conversation involving her, Simon, and Yoko was pretty well-scripted and emotional, with Nia urging the two to get past moping around about Kamina’s death. Her reaction to having been rejected by her father in this episode was a little underwhelming, though.

At the other end of the spectrum from Nia, we’re starting to see Kittan play an increasingly large role in the series. While his character possesses nothing close to Kamina’s awesomeness and overwhelming testosterone, he does to some extent fill in the void left by his death.

Viral’s obedience and submissiveness makes him seem like a much more convincing character instead of just being your run-of-the-mill villain. He’s been a much more meaningful enemy for the main cast than the Spiral (Helix?) King or anyone he’s sent to challenge the (Great) Gurren Brigade. Him letting getting his ass kicked by Adiane this episode was both amusing and another demonstration of his obedient character. Part of me wants him to eventually overthrow the Spiral/Helix King and be the bad guys’ head honcho himself.

Overall, this was another good episode. Hopefully the next one involves Nia remedying Simon’s depressed state.

What’s with the really weird mecha shows this season? Xenoglossia has human x mecha romances, and this one has ones with talking crotches.