Not really sure what to think of this yet. I have no familiarity with the source material, but this seems to be a typical fantasy setting: humans coexisting with other mythical species with some possessing magical powers. The two main characters, the spirit Corticarte and her Dantist rookie partner Phoron, both seem interesting and likable. Being the first episode, not a whole lot of background information or the direction of the storyline could really be ascertained yet. Still, with source material from the same author as Scrapped Princess, odds seem high that this will turn out pretty decent if the adaptation and execution are done well. The quality and detail of the animation was superb, as was the soundtrack; hopefully at least this will continue throughout the series.

In short, I’m not too excited about this, but it seems worth keeping up with for at least a little while.

There’s a little something for everyone in this heroine. She has both loli-mode…

…and non-loli mode.