In short, the episode was pretty boring. That’s not to say it was necessarily bad, but nothing about it really caught my attention in any way. The whole “I hate spirits. Oh, they helped me. I guess I don’t hate them anymore.” thing felt pretty artificial and not very meaningful. Corticarte’s letting out her anger by helping with a demolition was cute, but at the same time pretty lame.  There was a little too much time-wasting idle conversation here that had little to do with either plot events or bringing out character traits. Speaking of character traits, the characters seem pretty bland so far, as outside of a couple conversations in the first episode, little effort has been made to familiarize the viewer with the characters. If they didn’t look and sound different, save for Corti, I probably wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from one another.

This needs to get better quickly, or I’m going to stop watching it pretty soon.

The picture speaks for itself, really.  

Watch out, Reimu– you have a new challenger for the title of slutbiri goddess.