So, the first half of the episode was the obligatory beach portion, and it was pretty much standard fare for such a thing: swimsuits, jealousy among female characters, volleyball, watermelon-smashing, and so forth. I must say I shared in the male crowds’ disappointment in Yoko’s swimsuit, as well as the cuteness of Nia’s. (Oh man, I just talked about a loli being cute. Damn you, #animeblogger)

The second part was pretty much Simon going into GAR mode and beating Adiane up underwater, and then the Daiganzan beating her up above water, finishing her off with a blazing cannon salvo. Once again, Viral survives the ordeal; I’m curious as to what he’s going to do next, since I doubt his failures will be tolerated at the capital.
Overall, another straightforward but enjoyable episode, complete with fanservice, action, and GAR.  It was definitely nice to see Yoko get a little more screen time and development too– she’d been sidelined for a while now.

Best lines of the episode.

Seriously, wtf is up with this old man! Let the main characters save their friends themselves, damnit.