The obligatory bleach episode falls on episode three this time. The early “yay playing at the beach” portion was pretty satisfying too; the well-endowed female characters were pretty well-drawn.

The episode as a whole wasn’t anything especially great, but it was definitely quite a step up from the previous one– there was a greater sense of urgency and tension this time, along with less pointless dillydallying. Still, for a series only twelve episodes long, I’d expect there to have been more development of plot and character than there has been up to this point. It’s a full one-fourth of the way in and the viewer still hasn’t really been given a whole lot of information concerning the setting and the characters all still seem pretty flat.

In any case, I’ll give this another episode or two to pick up before I give up on it; the art and music are enjoyable enough for it to not be a complete waste of time. As I mentioned last time, it’s really not that there’s anything bad about the show, but it doesn’t do much particularly well either; there are just better shows going on that are better to spend time watching right now rather than something merely average like this.