I’m Jesus Roxas. I don’t really have much to say about myself, really. Since I watch anime, read manga, and do all sorts of related activities, I made this blog to have a place to write my thoughts about these things and hopefully generate some discussion about them.

My other hobbies include the piano, Magic: the Gathering, making an effort to be knowledgable in general (in other words, reading a lot about whatever happens to interest me at any given moment). I am a college student, but am undecided on a major at the moment.

I like to consider myself a mildly proficient anime wallpaper artist as well. Feel free to view my works:



Anyway, I hope you find reading what I have to say worthwhile.

If any of the IRC-proficient among you would like to find me for some chats, the anime-related channels I’m most active in are #anime-planet on Rizon and #animeblogger on irchighway under the nick [Roxas]. I lurk in various other places too.